The Company is organized in speciality teams to achieve all the objectives in the different management areas.

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 Antonio Puntí Ferrer, following the family tradition, creates San Nicolás Wines in 1996, with the objective of trading and exporting wines in Chile as well as abroad. At the beginning of 2000 Máximo Humbser M. and Eduardo Bentjerodt V. were  incorporated as new partners.

San Nicolás Wines is today a consolidated company, with a recognized prestige on a national and international level. A young team of professionals, in virtue of their market knowledge and development, have placed San Nicolas Wines between the main trading and exporting companies of bulk wines from Chile and Argentina. The Company works with main wineries, supermarkets and bottling plants worldwide. Now, with a large cellar of 10 million liters capacity and a modern Bottling Plant  the organization got  a better vertical integration in this business.


Different services for different clients

1. International Brokerage

San Nicolás Wines acts as a broker to detect importers and make contacts abroad, following with the search of the right wine and producer to fit quality and preference for each  specific  client.


 2. Domestic Brokerage

As for a wine producing country, San Nicolás Wines provides services to different companies in the domestic market, providing to customers  expert  logistic service in the areas of bulk wines and grape brokerage, as well as supplying all the support and assessment when needed.


3. Vinification Services 

San Nicolás Wines   provides services  to small and medium size grape producers to vinify their partial or total production.


4. Bottling Services.

In order to do a more integrated service, San Nicolás built a modern bottling plant with two production lines to bottle wines for national and International clients.


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A Company with Past, Today and Future

San Nicolas Wines reliability, commitment and consistency are guaranteed by  clients from different renowned companies from more than 30 countries, 70% of the company sales go to Central Europe, mainly  Germany, UK, Denmark and Holland.

World Wines for the World.

Converting a vision into a reality.

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